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Whole Home WiFi

Say goodbye to WiFi connection problems with SmartHome HERO.

Enjoy seemless WiFi connection throughout your home and devices with the help of SmartHome HERO and an Eero Mesh Network.

Never struggle with your WiFi signal again.

Whether you're cooking in the kitchen or excercising in your garage, SmartHome HERO can provide a seemless connection throughout your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What WiFi system do you use?

The network we recommend is a mesh network called Eero. A mesh network is a lot like a normal network, but much more optimized. It has several routers called nodes, that we place around your home in the best positions to distribute your network. We can place as many nodes as you need, and each on broadcasts your WiFi Signal Your devices can connect to any of them, and these nodes find the fastest way back to the outside internet. This lets the Eero mesh network support more devices without slowing down, as well as broadcast your WiFi signal across a larger area. With many devices on your network, you may want to see which ones are connected at a given time, or pause access to certain electronics. Eero comes with an app that lets you see everything connected to your network without having to check each individual device. If you have ever had to tell your children to turn off their phones or tablets and go to sleep, you may want to pause WiFi access for those devices when you put them to bed. There are also further enhancements to your control over safe internet access for your family with the Eero Secure subscription. It gives you tools like SafeSearch and content filtering, which filter out possible inappropriate results for your childrens’ devices. There is a higher tier of Eero Secure called Eero Secure+. It gives you further protection on the internet with access to a subscription for 1Password password manager that stores all your passwords in one palace and gives you recommendations of stronger passwords and notifies you of duplicate or compromised passwords. It also includes a subscription to Malwarebytes antivirus software to protect your computer and other electronics from malicious attacks.

Is the Eero network secure without the subscription?

Eero prides themselves on security and ease of use. They frequently test and update the security of their baseline network without the subscription to ensure you’re protected.

Why do I need more than one router?

Eero uses multiple routers to give your home better wireless coverage. With each router broadcasting the signal it is spread further than a traditional single router network. When the whole network is wired, meaning each node is plugged in to an ethernet cable, every node distributes the same strength as the internet coming into your home. This minimizes loss of signal from wireless transmission, which is negligible, but still a factor for larger homes.

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