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Home Audio Installation

The party never has to stop with SmartHome HERO.

With speakers in every room you want, you can play music across your entire home at once. Whole home audio also allows you the freedom to play different music on each speaker independently, so everyone gets to hear their favorite tunes.

SmartHome HERO Home Audio Services

Whole Home Audio

If you like to listen to music all over your house, then SmartHome HERO can help configure and fine tune your audio system.

Wireless Audio

We can help set up wireless speakers, both inside and out, that will give you the music experience that you’re looking for.

Streaming Service Management

SmartHome HERO will help answer questions about what streaming music service is right for you.


Entertain like a pro with whole home wireless audio.

High quality speakers let you hear more of the music you love without sacrificing fidelity. The flexibility of the system lets you put speakers anywhere and everywhere you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to have a bunch of wires put in my walls for Whole Home Audio?

Not if you don’t want to! Sonos has several wireless speakers that can let you get the freedom of Whole Home Audio with no wiring requirements.

Does Whole Home Audio offer surround sound?

No audio system is truly complete without surround sound, and Sonos has an amazing system that will give you Dolby Atmos 5.1 surround sound in any room you’d like. It includes a Sonos Beam or Arc soundbar,

Will I lose any functionality with the Sonos mobile app on Android compared to Airplay?

Not at all. Airplay is just Apple’s built in protocol for music over WiFi. The Sonos app gives you the same level of control and some iOS users even prefer the app to Airplay. The only disclaimer is that an iPhone is required to set up Sonos Trueplay, which uses your iPhone’s microphone to fine tune your speakers for the best audio quality. This is a one-time setup so access to an Apple device at the time of installation should be possible with our installer’s iPad.

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