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Device Management

SmartHome HERO simplifies home technology to make your life just a little easier.

Technology is advancing fast. To keep up, it helps to have the ability to keep track of what technology is in your home, and how it can interact with your devices.

SmartHome HERO Smart Device Services

We make all your devices talk.

Device Connectivity

Need help getting your latest tech gadget connected to your home internet? SmartHome HERO offers support and installation services to get things connected so that you get all the benefits from what they can do.

Personal Device Management

If something is connected to your home’s internet, you should probably know about it. Using eero’s device management controls, SmartHome HERO will help you track each device and who it belongs to. It really comes in handy when you need to limit screen time!

Smart Lighting (Interior/Exterior)

Control lighting with your voice, based on pre-set schedules, when they sense motion, or even when you’re arriving at home.

Smart Window Treatments

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Smart Irrigation Controls

Control your home’s irrigation with an easy-to-use app, set up schedules, and even have the irrigation controller automatically make watering adjustments based on the current weather conditions.

Smart Outlets

If you want to make a “dumb” electrical product “smart”, then SmartHome HERO can add smart outlets and help get them set up.

Smart Appliances

We can help connect your new smart appliances to your home’s internet and show you how to best use them.

So, How does it work?

SmartHome HERO will come to your house to evaluate your home internet, WiFi, and devices and make a recommendation that best suites your needs and lifestyle. It all starts with the evaluation from one of our pros.

Step 1

Strong Home WiFi

A strong WiFi network with good coverage around your home is the foundation for a Smart Home. We use a mesh WiFi network that gives you great coverage and is more than capable of supporting any and every smart product you would ever want.

Step 2

Device Connectivity

Devices are managed with a smartphone app that can show or even notify you if they get disconnected from your network.

Step 3

Home Automation

The interaction of different smart products in your home to make your life easier. Maybe you use your voice to tell Alexa to turn off the lights, or have your kitchen lights turn on.

Easily Connect & Manage Your Home Devices with SmartHome HERO.

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Will the devices you install work with my Smart Speaker? (Alexa, Google Home, HomePod)

SmartHome HERO will integrate any devices you would like to work with your Smart Speaker provided they are compatible. For our installations, we ask if you have a Smart Speaker, which kind you have, in order to select devices that will be compatible with it. If you already have devices and they turn out to be incompatible with your Smart Speaker, there are alternative products that perform the same function we can replace them with, in order to integrate them for you.

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