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Internet Service Evaluation

SmartHome HERO can help evaluate your home internet & solve connection issues.

Stop struggling with your internet service provider and constant connection and speed issues. Let SmartHome HERO take over.

Internet service evaluations allow us to see the current state of your home internet.

We check to see that you’re actually receiving the maximum speed that you’re paying your internet service provider for. We also check to see that you have good WiFi coverage throughout your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my internet slow in the back of the house?

Sometimes the router placement or certain materials in the walls (plaster, plumbing, brick) can block some of the WiFi signal, leading to a loss in speed as well as bandwidth. Bandwidth is a measure of how much information can be sent over your home internet in a certain amount of time. If the amount of information you can send is lowered, that also means you can’t have as many devices on your network as you should be able to.

What is the difference between internet service and WiFi?

Internet service refers to the connection of your home to the internet or the world wide web using a cable. WiFi takes the signal coming in on that cable, and spreads or broadcasts it across your home. This broadcast can be used by phones, smart tvs, tablets, and smart devices to communicate with the rest of the internet all wirelessly.

What can cause issues with my home WiFi?

All sorts of materials present in the home can affect how well the router can distribute the WiFi signal. Plaster or brick walls, plumbing within the walls, and even appliances life refrigerators can play some part in blocking the signal, and reducing your coverage. This leads to problem areas in the home with slow or no WiFi connection that are inconvenient with so much technology around. Find and eliminate problem areas with our Internet Service Evaluation. Once we’ve figured out where your trouble spots are, we use a mesh WiFi network to blanket your property with high-speed wireless internet. It’s time to use your whole home again. 

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