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Rest easy, hero. SmartHome HERO is here.

Connect, secure, and automate your home devices with SmartHome HERO – so you can take it easy.

Smart Home Services

Our Heroes make it easy to stay connected and secure in your home.


As the number of new smart devices for the home increases, their actual connectivity decreases. SmartHome HERO can help make these things work better together.


Your home should be secure with protection for both your property and your home network. SmartHome HERO can help keep your home and digital assets secure.


Sync your lights, sound, and utilities to your schedule. SmartHome HERO can help automate your home so that it works for you.

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Home Network

To make a home smarter, you have to start with the basics. A properly set up home network allows all of your devices and services to run well.

Internet Service Evaluation
Whole Home WiFi
Internet Security

Device Management

Our homes are filling up with devices. Are you able to keep track of them and make sure they’re properly connected to your network?

Device Connectivity
Personal Device Management
Smart Lighting (Interior/Exterior)
Smart Window Treatments
Irrigation Controls
Smart Outlets
Smart Appliances

Home Video

From the den to the back porch, we can connect all things video.

TV Connections
Streaming Service Management
Gaming Management

Home Audio

Set the mood for any occasion with high quality audio throughout your home. 

Whole Home Audio
Wireless Audio
Streaming Service Management


Home Security

Using smart technology to protect your home can be as simple as putting up a few cameras and having proper lighting.

Door Bell Cameras
Exterior Lighting
Door Locks
Garage / Gate Controls
Smoke / Fire / CO2 Detection

Digital Security

The bad guys don’t always break in a door or window. These days, your home network needs to be secure to keep your online identity safe.

Firewall & VPN Management
Password Management with LastPass
Family Safety with Life360

Utility Alerts

The utilities in our home are an important and expensive part of keeping the house running well. Have you considered the benefit of being alerted early if there are issues or causes for concern?

Leak Detection
Energy Usage Monitoring


Home Automation Products

Many off the shelf systems can help control multiple smart devices. We can help connect and schedule those to work better for you.

Apple HomeKit
Amazon Alexa
Google Nest

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